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- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

O Donald
whoever you are
you have missed the train 
back to queens
wherever that is
but there is no home
for you here
so you must 
find that train
that will take you 
home to where it
all began to unravel

O Donald
while the foolery had
a moment for some 
then when the curtain 
was lifted and the 
game began to shut down
the disaster screamed
for the dead and ruined
you’d left in the rut
as you ran for cover
over the bodies piled up
while the nation finally
caught on to what 
a fuck up you are

and now even the next 
train will never 
get you home

you are lost Donald
sputtering and gagging
nonsense lyrics 
which finally not a 
sentient soul alive
can compute

and the death rain
tumbles and soaks 
your terminal traces
which will vanish 
in the burning sun
now exploding the horizon