Interview with a maga

- by Linn Barnes

nterview with a member of the christian right, 
a base-lined enthusiast maga dude to the core,
fresh from the front line in Tulsa.

‘Well, look, just tell me a little about what you think
about the pandemic and the president.’

‘Hey, you mean the plan-demic, and, what the fuck, he’s not so bad,
so a bunch of old fucks bought the schnitzel,
who were on the way down the old chute anyway,
what the fuck? Get the fuck over it, all fuckfaces, 
and fucking get with the fucking program, 
to get the fucking blacks and hippies off the fucking streets
and make america great again. I say kill all the motherfuckers.’

‘Well, that pretty much sums up your position, I guess.
Anything you want to add?”

‘Yeah, you can go fuck yourself for asking me, you
commie, jew loving, half black traitor.’

‘Well, look it’s been a pleasure speaking with you,
and, have a nice day.’

The Canopy

- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

Bring then the body forward
that all may see its corruption

that the scandal of our time
may be blown wide open

that shards of dust and decay
floating in the quantum soup

may leave the clean surface 
and shudder open the fragmented

dark world gritting the poisoned hours 
and days way distant from the holy

diurnal voyage our ancestors
once reveled in upon a great time

and found splendor and love
beneath the canopy of the earth

The Doe

- by Linn Barnes

The Doe

This evening in late june
the night rising into the glow

of the dying day
fireflies dancing in

the growing dark
in the near distance

a deer’s solitary bark
suspecting we were

out and in some way
angrily resenting our

intrusion into her space
which does not surprise me

but we hold Finn leashed
the night dropping like

a rock onto the patio
and we hold yet longer

now the rustling in the woods
confidence growing

finally makes a move
a lovely doe dances out

of the east stamps and stands
gives us the once then the

twice over and struts off 
to the garden where for her

there is nothing but lovely 
scent but not a whiff of a chance

to clear our ten foot fence
guarding the treasure of the

garden which will bring us
life for the coming year


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

I have flooded the land
with sorrow and laments

stepped through broken 
glass and steel shards

until finally blurred with 
blank crippled eyes choking

on sour rotted memories
drenched in the holy blood

of a thousand years of tears
drowning with gaping jaws

in the saddest of tides 
watching pilgrims march to

the savage edge of night
where blades are drawn

and shields are flashing
before the heavy horse

charge and level the field
leaving only the busted crust

of death and jumbled debris
where no new dawn may rise

where the earth tilts
out of pitch with the sky 

and the lovely warm air
dissolves into a deep cold 

where chaos will stifle 
the last gasp of breath

spinning and clumsy dancing 
now along a new and ruthless 

axis of fear and dread before 
the dawn of another broken night


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes 

While wishing for peace 
we the hopeful remain forlorn 
at the foot of ancient

steep and high hills where 
can be found the soul
of justice waiting for

a proper more felicitious 
successful encore
while citizens wishing 

dreaming for a re-birth
of the gnarled republic
shuffle here and there

women in full capes 
men in brimmed hats
stutter-stepping an old waltz.

Another Day

- by Linn Barnes

Another Day
-Linn Barnes 

Today another killing
I feel drenched in sadness
disgust and guilt

where was I when I 
could have said
what the fuck are

you talking about
as I listened to drivel
from drooling stupid
jaws enraged about

nothing much more than 
their own obvious inferiority
babbling hatred and violence

to deluded drunken kindred souls 
while I slept in the corner
refusing the teach the trash

anything that might upset 
them as they polished 
and sharpened their weapons


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

Not a word 
nor a breathe
inhaled or exhaled 
can bring life 
to the death
of compassion 
and love
that crumbles 
the streets 
and cripples 
the walk ways
beneath near 
naked feet
as we breathe 
deeply shadows 
of eternity 
engulfing the lay 
of the day 
while asking 
one question
will there 
be an 


- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes 

Today at archery practice
in the cool with a light breeze

the sun crossing to my south
perfectly lighting the target

at about three in the afternoon
cutting through to the right spot

I brought to bear years of training
and buried many shafts deep into

the center at twenty yards
the arrows flying flawlessly

weighted and powerful 
slicing through the air

fletching whistling through 
the shallow arc falling dead 


Onward 'Christian' Soldiers

- by Linn Barnes

Onward ‘Christian’ Soldiers?
-Linn Barnes 

The 'testament' may be ‘old',
but his hand is rotten to the core,

where neither true nor false 
may leap nor jump, but only ‘prance',

perverted, elf-like, before the praetorians 
assembled to grease his false skid. 

Imperator-falsitorious, a grim joke, 
quaketh none, nor moveth earth,

but rattles mightily the ire of the just, 
sharpened daggars still sheathed, 

And we all saw it on the shinning screen, 
and, come November we will take him down...

The Gates

- by Linn Barnes

The Gates
-Linn Barnes

And now ratchet the shape
of the world you’ve wrought

into the greedy maw of the 
mob you’ve falsely licensed

to shudder and bring about the 
rule of the despicable tyrant

glassy-eyed quickstepping
his ugly horde stumbling

at the edge of the fray 
where the glamour of truth

has been forced to flee
before his sad praetorians

quickstepping galloping down 
the lovely streets of our town

begone thou foul demon
leave before one more drop 

of our sacred blood
greases your pitiless path

for the gates to nowhere
have yawed open and wait

your leaden tread 
to the fires of eternity

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