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- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

I have flooded the land
with sorrow and laments

stepped through broken 
glass and steel shards

until finally blurred with 
blank crippled eyes choking

on sour rotted memories
drenched in the holy blood

of a thousand years of tears
drowning with gaping jaws

in the saddest of tides 
watching pilgrims march to

the savage edge of night
where blades are drawn

and shields are flashing
before the heavy horse

charge and level the field
leaving only the busted crust

of death and jumbled debris
where no new dawn may rise

where the earth tilts
out of pitch with the sky 

and the lovely warm air
dissolves into a deep cold 

where chaos will stifle 
the last gasp of breath

spinning and clumsy dancing 
now along a new and ruthless 

axis of fear and dread before 
the dawn of another broken night