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Interview with a maga

- by Linn Barnes

nterview with a member of the christian right, 
a base-lined enthusiast maga dude to the core,
fresh from the front line in Tulsa.

‘Well, look, just tell me a little about what you think
about the pandemic and the president.’

‘Hey, you mean the plan-demic, and, what the fuck, he’s not so bad,
so a bunch of old fucks bought the schnitzel,
who were on the way down the old chute anyway,
what the fuck? Get the fuck over it, all fuckfaces, 
and fucking get with the fucking program, 
to get the fucking blacks and hippies off the fucking streets
and make america great again. I say kill all the motherfuckers.’

‘Well, that pretty much sums up your position, I guess.
Anything you want to add?”

‘Yeah, you can go fuck yourself for asking me, you
commie, jew loving, half black traitor.’

‘Well, look it’s been a pleasure speaking with you,
and, have a nice day.’