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Ruffles and Feathers

- by Linn Barnes

Ruffles and Feathers
-Linn Barnes

At the delicate edge
of what is known
is a strange truth
about the world

where good will and reason
have no bearing and time 
no meaning twisting 
grain to lean loaves 

where good will and reason
have no bearing and time
a dim memory of 
no more than a brush

where grain into lean loaves
brushed torso to shoulder
swimming in the shallows
where not much is as valid as

your abiding wish for more
and then you turned away
blinked and the dream you 
witnessed vanished in less

than a flash before you could
cry foul but there is no foul
in the great little known pottage
of a hypothetical hallucination

that appears to be the world
and we wonder at the evil
and ill will trampling into the
corners and depths of chaos 

little more than ruffles and feathers
decorating the long days we spend
gathering berries apples and nuts
for the dark days of coming winter