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The Tree

- by Linn Barnes

The Tree
-Linn Barnes

Staring year after year after year
at the bright lights of the forever tree 

Once wobbled me to the verge of collapse
until I guess I got used to it and learned

To bathe in the multicolored fantasy
flashing without fail each December

While always fearing that one day
a shadow would pass over all of it and

The glamour of the glimmer would
crinkle crack and creep away

Leaving me stranded with years of
desolate nothingness ahead

But that has not to this time
been the case as I revel once

Again in the primitive seduction
of sparkle and twinkle blinking

The old routine and nothing has
been lost to time but time itself

The old and merciless enemy
stalking all the days we have

Wandered into careless vanishing 
while the twinkling lights pulse

Glow and shatter the shadows
so eager to put them to rest