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- by Linn Barnes

-Linn Barnes

I spent this last day
doing as much nothing 
as i could grumble up

until as the day wained
and upon the holy screen 
a game was cast before

my squinted eyes which 
dragged me away from 
my stalwart easel

to face the glamour 
of yet another dusk
of gladiatorial grins

along with a nation
of sloths and fools who’ve
been duped into thinking

as caligula would have had it
that what they see will bring
gloated and grinatious

fancy into desperate lives
hanging filial like over 
the constant flames

of jonathan edward’s
crispy consuming flames
for us like his spiders

into the sharp and pure 
light of a moment’s relief
before the cascading

fall to the distant
and hopeless valley
where legions of the lost

shall suffer despair and madness 
as the rest wait patiently
for the next ride down

for the fall seems upon us
as the light seems to fade
and courage is all we have left.